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Dates: 7 Jan – 16 Feb

To Participate: Complete a baseline WOD, weigh-in and pay a $20 entry fee. Top half win their money back and the top male and female split the rest. A prize will also be awarded to the individual with the most body composition and performance improvements during the challenge.



4 points available daily

Choose between following Paleo or Zone. If you violate a food rule subtract 1 point per violation. Lowest score you can receive in a day is 0.

Paleo – Follow rules for Whole30 Program

Zone – Follow the Zone prescription with the following exception no added sugar or sweeteners including artificial types. For details on the Zone read CrossFit Journal Issue 21.

Note: You may find several versions of Paleo and Zone as you conduct your research but the sources listed will be the standards for the nutrition portion of this challenge.


2 points available for each workout (Max 10 points per week)

Only workouts at a CrossFit affiliate will count. (See FAQ for more info)


2 points for 7+ hours of sleep

1 point for 6 hours of sleep

0 points for less than 6 hours


1 point available daily for consuming at least half your bodyweight in ounces of H2O.


1 point available daily for at least 10 min of stretching/mobilization done in or outside of CrossFit counts.

• Soft tissue work with foam roller or lacrosse ball
• Static stretching
• Yoga etc.

-1 point for each beer, shot or glass of wine (max -5 points per day)

-1 point for no post workout meal within 45 min of workout *does not have to be 100% Paleo or Zone see FAQ for more info


+1 point available daily if all meals for the day follow both Paleo and Zone rules

+3 points available for successful completion of the “weekly challenge” announced each Monday for the duration of the challenge

Helpful Links

Rules for Paleo

Rules for Zone

Zone tips on “eyeball method”

CrossFit Crestview website

Best Shape of Your Life Challenge Facebook page


How is the winner determined?

Most total points earned between 7 Jan thru 15 Feb wins! Yes it’s an honor system so don’t cheat yourself or the challenge. All winners will be certified by the CrossFit Crestview training staff. Winners will be announced at the wrap up party on 16 Feb 13.

How will points be tracked?

Post total weekly points to the CrossFit Crestview Facebook page each Monday during the challenge. If you don’t have Facebook let a trainer know. We will also be running a leaderboard in the box.

What is the weekly challenge for bonus points?

It is a game within the game and a way to earn extra points. Trainers will come up with a different mini challenge at the beginning of each week to be completed by the weeks end.

Why is there no weekly weigh in?

The ultimate goal of this challenge is to track performance improvement. Everyone will record their weight at the beginning and end along with a before/after photo to determine body composition change. The baseline WOD will be repeated at the end to measure performance improvements.

Who will see my photo?

Nobody. The photo is for you to track results. We encourage you to take a picture that you would not mind sharing at the end of the challenge to assist trainers in determining a winner.

Do I have to keep a log?

Yes. It can be in any format i.e. notebook, web/phone application etc.

Do workouts I do on my own count?

No. A goal of the challenge is to provide and receive support through the CrossFit Crestview community. If you are killing workouts on your own and making good progress but not inspiring the rest of the group a huge benefit is missed by all. The amazing certified instructors at CrossFit Crestview are here to maximize your results.

Can I switch between Paleo and Zone?

Once you chose a nutrition plan the suites your goals and lifestyle stick with it! We do however encourage you to try a combination of both using quality foods in controlled and balanced amounts. Conduct some research before you start!

If I miss the kick-off can I still participate?

Absolutely! Just contact a trainer for details. Rules will be posted on the CrossFit Crestview website.

Why are the rules relaxed for the post work out meal?

Post workout nutrition is extremely important to achieve performance gains. With that said if you can’t find a protein powder that is 100% Paleo or take in a few more carbs than Zone allows its ok, no penalties. This only applies to the post workout meal.

What if I have an injury and can’t workout?

Most importantly follow all Doctor’s orders and let a trainer know. We can almost always find a scale that can benefit you.

What if I have questions later?

Just ask a trainer and you will get your answer.

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