Our Coaches

Here is a quick list of our L1 Certified instructors. What makes them different then most CrossFit boxes? They all VOLUNTEER their time. Bios will be setup by June 2013.

Stephen Dalton – The founder and WODfather of the box
Leslie Deleon – Leslie proves that women can be stronger than men…. including some of our male instructors. She loves to compete in local CrossFit competitions and loves to win!!
Jacqueline Fennell – Loves sharing the passion of the sport as a young mother that knows what it’s like to workout with your child watching from a stroller nearby. She can understand challenges you face after having your first baby and the road ahead of you.
Jess Fisher – Our most knowledgeable member of our team. He can help you fix your form in hundreds of ways you never thought possible! He also has his own amazing BBQ business to boot!!
Erica Jarrard – Our Yoga star (and massage therapist), if you are lucky to be in a class she works out in, you may get a nice intense stretch on at the end!!
Karl Lavine – Former Auburn football player that now teaches sports at a local middle school. He understands how to work around injuries firsthand and can help anyone!!
Nicholas Longo – Nearly qualified for the regional CrossFit games in 2013, one of our strongest instructors to date and also taught at Lightning CrossFit on base..
Jason Morway – One of the original “beasts” of our Box and the first to become a L1 Instructor. Don’t let first impressions scare you, he’s a really nice guy that loves CrossFit.
David Patterson – The man who started CrossFit in November 2010 with Stephen Dalton in his driveway and never had done a pull up in his life before then. A little dysfunctional and not mentally stable but he loves sharing his passion of CrossFit with all who will listen…. in the checkout line…. at a stoplight….. or while waiting at the DMV….
Mark Purcell – When not TDY he leads our 5am crew, he’s so hardcore he may show up at 3:#0am to get a HERO WOD in before teaching class. Definitely an early riser and knows how to make your workout count!!
Jamie Schroeder – With her gymnast background Jamie can assist anyone in learning the complex gymnastics maneuvers and do it all with a smile. Her & her husband are now both L1 instructors.
Kim Sears – Bootcamp instructor and local elementary school PE coach that inspires everyone she is with! Well known in the local fitness world with all of her involvement with local gyms in the past.
Troy Sears – The Spartan warrior from the movie 300 (no Photoshop), he also loves OHS…..crazy man!! Most men just want to have abs like this guy.
Dara Smith – Dara (pronounced like Sarah) has a Master Practitioner of fitness and has been training for a little over 2 years. She relocated to Florida with 7 Special Forces Group in 2011 and also started NW Florida Fitness Boot Camp! She is passionate about her job and loves to help people better their lively hoods through health and fitness.
Jeri Toolan – She is a ball full of energy that typically has mostly women classes that cheer each other on!! She is a leader and inspires all. if you want to know what CrossFit can do for you personally for weight loss, this is the woman that can tell you!!

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