Crestview Crossfit Stephen Dalton

Crestview CrossFit NWFL
Founder Stephen Dalton

CrossFit Crestview, FL
5315 Shoffner Blvd
Crestview, FL 32539
Owner- Stephen Dalton

Typical Hours

  • Monday 5 AM – Mark Purcell & Karl Lavine
    Monday 9 AM – Jacqueline Fennell
    Monday 4 PM – David Patterson
    Monday 5:30 PM – David Patterson
    Monday 6:30 PM – On Ramp Training Class David Gaillard
  • Tuesday 5 AM – Stephen Dalton
    *Tuesday 9 AM – On Ramp Training Class Jeri Toolan
    Tuesday 4:00 PM – Dara Smith NEW!!
    Tuesday 5:30 PM – Jesse Schroeder
    Tuesday 6:30 PM – David Gaillard
    Tuesday 7:30 PM – Erica Jarrard – Yoga 101
  • Wednesday 5 AM – Nick Longo & Mark Purcell
    Wednesday 9am – Jeri Toolan
    Wednesday 4 PM – Jason Morway
    Wednesday 5:30 PM – Jason Morway & Troy Sears
  • Thursday 5 AM – Stephen Dalton
    *Thursday 9 AM – On Ramp Training Class Jacqueline Fennell
    Thursday 4:00 PM – Dara Smith NEW!!
    Thursday 5:30 PM – Jamie Schroeder
    Thursday 6:30pm – Karl Lavine NEW!!
  • Friday 5 AM – Mark Purcell & Karl Lavine
    Friday 9am – Leslie Deleon (Starting May 24th, 2013) NEW!!
    Friday 4 PM – Stephen Dalton
    Friday 5:30 PM – Troy Sears
  • Saturday 8 AM – Kim & Troy Sears

Cost: Newbies 5 Classes $25 After that class are sold in blocks of 10 or 20. Classes don’t expire – they are “Roll Over Classes” 🙂
$50 for 10
$100 for 20
Bring a towel and water. We roll hardcore “Outdoors” so you will get dirty!

* On Ramp Training Classes Jeri Toolan – On ramp training classes are not required before beginning our normal classes, but helpful for those a little nervous of Crossfit and to assist in getting the fundamentals down before being placed in a normal class environment. Feel free to attend our normal class times and just let the instructor know you are new and he will give you extra assistance. When you come to class the first time also try to be 10 minutes early to fill out some short release forms and to make your initial $25 payment by check or cash.

RULES of the Box:
Please read before coming out:

1) COURTESY! Class starts at 5AM (4pm and 5:30pm) if you get here early please feel free to warm up and stretch but the “Buy In” will not be posted until class starts at 5AM (4pm and 5:30pm). If you are late you owe 5 Burpees for every minute you are late for the first 5 minutes after that class is closed so if you are 5 minutes and 1 second late class is closed. We have to keep things moving so don’t get mad at me or anyone else 🙂

2) RESPECT! When I speak the rule is “No one else does” this same cutesy is to be extended to every Instructor in this Box. They volunteer their time and they are here to help you so show them the respect they deserve. To many times people talk in the background which is distracting to those around you and to the instructor trying to explain the WOD or review the events. 9 times out of 10 you are the person that asks “what do we do?” because you were not listening. So please lets focus when class begins. I thank you in advance for this 🙂

3) CLEAN UP! I threw away 6 empty bottles Sunday and none where mine! You know how I know! Mine go in the trash. Throw your trash away, tape, wrappers, take your gear, feel free to sweep and clean up after yourself cause I don’t have a cleaning crew and I don’t have the time to do it. If by chance you forget something it will be put in the “Lost and Found Box” for 10 days then it will be put on eBay where I encourage you to bid high to win it back 🙂

4) WEIGHTS! First put them away where they belong don’t just throw them any where. If the stack is leaning then square it away before you throw more weight on top of it. Second – Newbies please know this is a process and you can not and should not lift what even one is lifting. The Instructors will help guide you. If at any point you are uncomfortable with a move or are not doing it right let us know and we will scale it so you can be successful. Third do not “UP” your weight on the RX’d unless approved by the instructor. High rep low weight is just as important and low reps high weight! You need proof watch the games!

5) CLASSES! Classes are getting bigger and we are adding more so please
be patient! I understand I can not offer everything to every one so if my schedule does not meet your need please let me know. Patti Seip trains out of her house and is a fantastic Instructor. While I don’t want to see anyone leave the Box my job is to get you doing CrossFit and keep you doing CrossFit even if it is not with me.

6) When to ask questions? – BEFORE class starts and not when you hear 321 go! This hurts the instructors ability to teach. NO question is stupid and we love to show how movements are done so please if you need to be shown something ask 🙂

7) Lastly thank your instructors for volunteering their time – we love and appreciate them all 🙂

Large Saturday Group at the Crestview Crossfit FL

Large Saturday Group at the Crestview CrossFit FL

  1. Nice to have the rules posted up in a permanent spot, it’s already buried on the Facebook page 🙂

  2. David Patterson says:

    That is a great looking group there!!

  3. Stephen Dalton says:

    Agreed Beth it only takes 1 day and everything gets buried. David dam good looking group 🙂

  4. Jeri Toolan says:

    I love this website and my CrossFit Family:)

  5. Mark Purcell says:

    This is my home away from home.

  6. Hard core beautiful! Nice crossfit page!

  7. I love yall and cant wait to come back home to my box!!

  8. Heather says:

    The page looks awesome! Great job! 🙂

  9. josh brock says:

    Went to this box for my first time this week. One of my best Crossfit experiences to date! A truly Fluid class and group of people, I’m in!

  10. reddogsram says:

    is there a certain number of on ramp training classes u have to attend b4 starting or is it just one class? how do I sign up/register?

    • diabetic77 says:

      On ramp is not a requirement, just a suggestion. Just come to class 10 minutes early to fill out some paperwork and provide a $25 check for your first 5 classes.

  11. Tuesdae Middlebrooks says:

    What if you can’t make the on ramp training session if your new? I have school on those days.

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